Monday, 2 May 2011

Chilli feta cheese



As I saw Nigel Slater cooking a feta cheese in one of his latest shows for BBC- Simple Suppers, I knew I would just love this recipe! I run to grab a paper and a pen and wrote it down, as Nigel started cooking it. That was also an interesting program itself, where he showed different types of chillies, from the point of production to the selling. This is also a great starter for a lazy dinner with friends or a naughty snack! Even though I am not a fan of extra spicy food, here the thyme goes incredible well with coriander and the chillies, and also the saltiness of the feta. Enjoy!


3 medium hot chillies
Bunch of coriander
Bunch of lemon thyme
5-6 spring onions
Olive oil
200g feta cheese
Naan bread to serve


Cut the chillies, remove their seeds and finely chop it. Slice the spring onions as well as coriander, very finely. In a shallow pan, put the olive oil and when its hot, add the chillies and spring onions and leave to soften over a gentle heat, stirring from time to time. Add the thyme leaves, up to your taste. When the spices are tender, put the whole feta in the pan and leave to cook for few minutes (without melting). Cover with chillies and serve the bits with Naan bread, seasoned with the sauce.



  1. Olá,
    Nunca provei queijo feta, mas esta receita me deu vontade.


  2. Olá!
    Vim te conhecer e gostei muito de tudo o que vi... Com certeza voltarei muuuuiiitas vezes (é claro que já estou te seguindo).

    Venha me conhecer também.
    Bjs Márcia